Chrissie Joslin

Assistant Editor, SHP & IFSEC Global

Articles by this author

‘Show employees that you truly care, it’s so much easier to build a rapport with people and get to the root of any challenges that might exist within their work,’ SHP meets Dave McPherson

‘I like being challenged, I use it as an opportunity to learn and share my knowledge with others,’ SHP meets Shari Bowen

How evacuation technology can influence the brain in crisis mode

‘It doesn’t matter if you’re female or male, have one years’ experience or 10, it’s your expertise and knowledge that people are interested in,’ SHP meets Cindy Bell

‘Good stories can embody your ethics and way of working,’ SHP meets Tribe’s David Mansell

The importance of coaching and mentoring for the future HSE & Risk professional – SHP speaks to Hugh Maxwell

Who is Louis Theroux, inspirational speaker at Safety & Health Expo 2022?

‘I’m a warrior, I’m quick to act and roll up my sleeves’, OneWISH – Breaking the bias for International Women’s Day

‘The safety and fire worlds are overlapping,’ SHP meets Gerry Dunphy

‘I hid the fact I was pregnant for a long time at work; I feared being replaced’, OneWISH – Breaking the bias for International Women’s Day

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