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April 4, 2020

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The latest innovation on workplace safety in the electrical business

ANGEL combines help in emergencies and engages electrical engineers in workplace safety.

Adresys portraitAccording to statistical data, every electrical engineer is shocked at least twice a year. Occupational safety regulations require reporting of every electrical incident, no matter the voltage level or the impact. Unfortunately, only the most serious ones are reported as the legislation does not meet practical requirements.

Magnitude, frequency, and the duration of the current contact determine the impact on the body. Fortunately, most of these electrical incidents happen on low voltage levels. They are relatively harmless to the body apart from muscle cramping, but if the current flows through the upper body and the heart, serious harm is likely already at 50 milliampere. Moreover, life-threatening symptoms may appear up to 24 hours after the incident happened. Ventricular fibrillation and dyspnoea are typical symptoms of an electrical accident and can cause severe damage to the health of the casualty.

ADRESYS, an Austrian-based engineering company offers with its latest product ANGEL an innovative smart textile solution to detect emergency situations and provide immediate help. The system is a unique combination of electronic, software, and textile components to detect precisely electrical incidents, to switch off power sources and to call for help.

“Having a long experience in the electrical business, we know very well the hazards when working with electrical current,” says ANGEL Product Manager Ulrich Klapper.

“Our aim is to develop a perfect companion for electrical engineers to assist when help is needed. We are convinced that ANGEL is a great additional safety equipment.”

Click here to learn more about the ANGEL system, or catch live demonstration during September’s Safety & Health Expo.


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