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Webinar: An introduction to the new international standard, ISO 45003

This on-demand Barbour EHS webinar focuses on managing psychological health in the workplace and provide an in-depth look at the forthcoming ISO 45003 Standard. Read More

Why organisations must learn from remote working impact

James Pomeroy, Director of Quality, Health, Environment and Safety at Lloyd’s Register, explains how results from the global safety assurance specialists’ latest report shines a light on the true impact working from home has had on staff mental health. Read More

ISO 45001 – Risks and opportunities with workplace safety

David Goodfellow, UK Business Assurance Manager at TÜV SÜD talks about the transition to ISO 45001, which replaces OHSAS 18001 from 31 March 2021. Read More

Finalists announced for SHP’s Rising Stars in Construction and Manufacturing

The SHP Awards judging panel has selected four finalists for SHP’s Rising Star in Construction Award and two finalists for SHP’s Rising Star in Manufacturing Award. Read More

Webinar: ‘Target Zero’ – Minimising Accident and Injury in the Workplace

In this webinar, you will learn: The impact on COVID-19 on attitude towards vetting contractors for Health, Safety, Ethnical and Sustainable factors, The top challenges EHS managers face when managing contractors and Tools and techniques EHS managers use to source and manage contractors, and how this may change in a post-COVID-10 environment. Read More

Q&A: Driving continuity in the ‘new normal’ – The unknown

During a recent panel debate, three experts discussed taking a proactive approach to uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we put some of your unanswered questions from the day to panellists and give you the opportunity to listen back to the session on demand.Read More

COVID-19: Is my workplace compliant?

For companies who are facing COVID-19 related workplace issues, Pegasus says it’s Legal Register is available to help them meet their legal obligations in the face of a fast-moving environment and to advise on best practices.  Read More

British Safety Council continues to evolve to support organisations during the coronavirus pandemic

'The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse to let health safety and environmental standards slip,' says the British Safety Council. Read More

Growing safety engagement in your workplace

What is safety culture, and whose job is it to change it? If it’s not just a feeling, but about people doing the right thing, is behaviour-based safety the answer? And does all of this just mean more work for safety professionals? Read More

Courage, resilience and breaking the mould – Key trends and insights from the health and safety sector

While courage, resilience, breaking the mould were the focus of the inspirational speakers at Safety & Health Expo 2019, they also found their way into the wider seminar programme as key pillars of the health and safety profession. Read More

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