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Teresa Higgins is Brand Director of Barbour EHS, a health & safety information service with content from more than 800 providers, covering Health and Safety, Environment, Estate and Facilities Management and International legislation. Teresa has worked at Barbour for over 25 years in total and has been in her current position since 2014. She has always worked in the specialist information sector having also held positions at CCH UK working with tax and accounting specialists and IHS working with Architects, engineers and H&S professionals. As Brand Director, Teresa works with professionals in the industry to make sure Barbour continues to be the market-leading information service.
September 12, 2019

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Barbour EHS

What is Barbour EHS?

Teresa Higgins, Brand Director at Barbour, tells SHP a little about the service and it’s heritage.

“It’s incredible to think how quickly the health & safety role has evolved. Only a few years ago, health and safety professionals would be able to spend most of their working day out of their office on site but now with the amount of research and administration there is to do  there is a real danger of not being able to leave the desk at all. Most of the day can be spent updating legal registers, getting ready for audits, keeping an eye on new legislation and amendments, writing newsletters, sending out topic of the month material, putting together training packages, thinking of different ways to try to develop the behaviour and culture of staff.

“As there aren’t any more hours in the day and not always the budget to hire more people to cover the extra responsibilities, time-saving and reliable tools are critical to help manage both compliance and time effectively. To enable us to support this rapid change in responsibilities we have had to evolve quickly too. We started 60 years ago on microfiche with a handful of acts, regulations and HSE guidance documents, this has now evolved into an online resource with over 100,000 documents, online. As professionals have moved into new areas such as environment, fire and security, mental health and wellbeing and International legislation we have too.

“When the need for quick easy to read information arose to support non specialists, we added a whole new section of easy to read, editable resources to help support the new level of information required.

“We produced model policy templates, one-page director and employee factsheets, detailed ‘how to guides’ covering topics quickly and effectively and when training tools were required, we added toolbox talks, eLearning modules and webinars, with CPD certificates. All to try to help support an ever-expanding role.

“The introduction of 18001, 14001 and now 45001 bought new challenges and by talking and working with clients we have added prepopulated legal registers, gap analysis tools and a bookmarking capability; giving clients the option of being alerted on important changes in guidance and standards, not just legislation.

“Keeping pace with these changes has been both exciting and rewarding for us. Giving EHS professionals a tool to keep up to date and compliant and help to save hours each week on research and development has been our mission. One thing is for certain the H&S role will keep on evolving and you can be safe in the knowledge that we will too.”



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A guide to home working

Many businesses have begun to embrace the idea of flexible working and working from home and, in the current climate, more and more of us may find ourselves plunged into doing so for longer than the one to two days a week, which employers and employees adapt to fairly easily.

A guide to vulnerable workers

Where workers are more vulnerable to accidents or work-related ill health, employers have an enhanced level of responsibility to ensure their health and safety.

COVID-19 construction site risk assessment template

This assessment covers all activities in relation to construction work. It focuses on the required control measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Navigating the coronavirus pandemic: What does psychological research into wellbeing tell us?

As part of Workplace Wellbeing Digital Week last month, Workplace Wellbeing Show hosted a live and interactive webinar, with a panel consisting of Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes (Strategy and Development), Mind, Jan Golding, CEO, Roots, Teresa Higgins, Brand Director, Barbour EHS and Ivan Robertson, Founding Director, Robertson Cooper Ltd. Here, SHP puts your questions to Ivan Robertson.

WATCH: Workplace Wellbeing Show Digital Week Webinar – ‘Workplace mental health: putting it into practice’

In this on-demand webinar, learn about navigating the coronavirus pandemic and what psychological research into wellbeing tells us.

SHP health & safety legislation update eBook

SHP’s latest Health & Safety legislation eBook covers coronavirus legislation, Brexit, Grenfell, changes to workplace exposure limits, environment, energy and much more…

Business continuity: A Barbour guide

Business continuity came into sharp focus for many businesses in the run up to the UK leaving the European Union in 2020 and the need for changes to working times, delivery methods, supplier arrangements, trade deals, tax implications and employment arrangements. For those businesses who used Brexit as a catalyst for drafting or reviewing their business continuity plans it will have acted as a very tool which they can use in future years to ensure that their business remains sustainable, robust and flexible enough to adapt in what are for many very challenging economic times.

Statutory inspections during COVID-19 – Director’s briefing

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a range of challenges for businesses with many restrictions on normal operations. This may include difficulty of getting support from contractors in carrying out statutory inspections, examinations and test of plant and equipment or the need to close premises.

Home working for young workers

While the world battles COVID-19, everyone who can is now having to work from home. For young workers and their managers this may present additional considerations and challenges to be overcome.

April 2020 legislation update Q&A

Following April’s Legislation Update webinar, we put some of your unanswered questions to panellists Simon Joyston-Bechal, from Turnstone Law and James Meredith, from Russell-Cooke. Read their answers here, or listen back to the session in full.

Fire safety warning as millions work from home

Firefighters issue urgent #StayHomeStaySafe advice as millions of people work from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Home working: Employee factsheet

If you work from home, your employer must make sure there is a risk assessment of your work activities. With the current government guidelines in place, HSE says it is not necessary for someone to visit you, but you should complete a questionnaire and provide appropriate evidence e.g. photographs. This will help decide if sufficient steps have been taken to prevent harm to you or anyone else who may be affected by your work.

Home working: Directors briefing

Employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of all employees, including home workers.

Home working essentials for managers

This handy guide from Barbour EHS details what managers should consider while employees are temporarily working from home.

Home working: A Barbour guide

This Barbour EHS guide includes: Legal requirements of home working, Benefits of working from home, Successful working from home, Pitfalls of working from home, Managing home workers and Arrangements for securing health & safety at home.

Environmental ‘Legislation’ 2020 update and how to comply from a business perspective

In the opening webinar of 2020 the panel identified and discussed some of the key planned environmental changes in 2020 and environmental compliance from a business perspective. Here, in this Q&A, the panellists revisit some of the listener questions which they were not able to answer on the day.

Noise in the workplace – Director’s briefing

This Director’s Briefing, from Barbour EHS, covers: Does your business have a noise problem? What are the action levels and limit values? Control methods or noise reduction techniques and When should hearing protection be used?

PPE in the workplace: Employee factsheet

In a study conducted for HSE around 24,000 accidents, which could have been prevented with correctly used and maintained Personal Protective Equipment were reported in a seven year period.

Download: Environment Bill summary

Download: Environment Bill summary The Environment Bill, which aims to tackle climate change and protect and restore the natural environment,

SHP Health & Safety Legislation update eBook – October 2019

SHP’s latest Health & Safety legislation eBook covers Health, Safety and Brexit, HSE and Local Authorities, The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, Drone safety, Proposals to Reduce Ill Health-related Job Loss, Manual Handling at Work and much more…

Staying compliant across international sites is now refreshingly simple

If your company operates across several jurisdictions, making sure your legal commitments are taken care of can be stressful.

Wellbeing: Director’s Briefing

Wellbeing is a state of being happy and healthy in our bodies (physically) and in our minds (mentally). Mental Health is defined as a state of wellbeing in which an individual can cope with the normal stresses of life and can work productively.

Barbour launches new-and-improved service

Following two years of research, consultation and development, Barbour has announced the launch of its redesigned service.

Stress: A Barbour guide

The NHS defines stress as: the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope.

Gas Safety (Onshore): Employee Factsheet

Working with gas, or on something that could release gas or affect the ventilation of a gas appliance or ignite gas, is high risk. Risk assessment, control measures and the use of competent people is essential.

3 reasons to visit Barbour at IOSH 2019

Take advantage of a great opportunity to learn how Barbour can help you and your organisation to save time and remain complaint, and to discuss your business requirements with the team face to face.

Sleep and fatigue: Director’s briefing

Fatigue is common amongst the population, but particularly among those working abnormal hours, and can arise from excessive working time or poorly designed shift patterns. It is also related to workload, in that workers are more easily fatigued if their work is machine-paced, complex or monotonous.

Working at height: Employee Factsheet

‘Half the number of people who fall from a height over two metres die. Don’t become a statistic’.

Barbour: Helping organisation’s save time, reduce costs and stay safe and compliant for over 60 years

“At Barbour we don’t believe you need to spend your time wading through multiple websites to find the legislation that affects you and your organisation.”

Barbour download: Guide to working at height

Work at any height can cause injury; a fall from a height of just one or two steps can cause serious injury.

Why Barbour exhibits at Safety & Health Expo

One of the most important questions a company asks itself each year is: how do we market ourselves? Barbour EHS Brand Director Teresa Higgins explains the benefits of trade shows.

Barbour EHS rebrands to make finding documentation easier than ever before

Barbour EHS is changing. Its major new rebrand is inspired by customer feedback, giving the UK’s leading health and safety information provider both a fresh look and feel, and new tools to help users navigate, find, read and save health and safety documents more easily than ever before.

A guide to Work Equipment

This guide from Barbour EHS focuses on the general requirements for the selection and management of work equipment, although other related legislation is referenced.

Forklift Trucks: Director’s Briefing

This free director’s briefing contains: Key points when operating fork lift trucks, recommendations for the employer, legal duties, and case law examples.

Manual Handling in the Workplace: Employee Factsheet

Manual handling is one of the biggest causes of accidents at work.

Driving at work: Director’s Briefing

Driving is by far the greatest cause of work-related accidental deaths. Download this free director’s briefing here.

Tackling international legislation

Do you struggle finding the relevant pieces of health, safety and environmental legislation for your overseas sites?

Barbour download: Bullying and harassment in the workplace

According to Barbour, almost a third of workers have been bullied and half of women, and a fifth of men, have been sexually harassed at work.

Barbour download: A technical guide to sprinkler systems

This guide provides an overview of the need-to-know information for sprinklers and covers: The legal requirements, More information about sprinkler systems, Key actions, Key terms and more.

Access health and safety technical education

Stay aware of the latest developments, key legislation and most important regulations in health and safety with free, exclusive Barbour guides. Barbour works alongside SHP and Safety & Health Expo to provide specialist guides and education to health and safety professionals; the most up-to-date guidance in the industry is available here.

Visit the Barbour website to learn more about the technical guides and eBooks available from Barbour.

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