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February 25, 2015

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Lone worker protection: Identicom 8

The Identicom 8 series lone worker device has additional functionality to improve safety, give peace of mind to staff, and increase flexibility for an employer looking to protect lone workers, according to makers Connexion2.

The Identicom 8 series is part of the lone worker solution SoloProtect, which includes a device, 24/7 manned monitoring, SIM card, mobile network usage, training, inclusive billing and monthly reporting, says the company.

Connexion2 explain that the Identicom device is an identity card holder, which enables lone workers to raise a discreet alarm within easy reach if ever they feel threatened or unsafe at work, adding that a ‘Man Down’ function can raise the alarm automatically should a worker lose consciousness due to a slip or fall, or an unknown health issue.

Identicom and SoloProtect can provide a solution to the problems of verbal abuse and physical assault in a retail setting, says the company, by enabling the lone worker to discreetly obtain help at the push of a button, without breaking eye contact with an aggressor. Once an alert has been raised this then goes through to an approved 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where a dedicated member of the lone worker team can listen into and access the situation, and escalate to the police if necessary, say Connexion2.

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