December 20, 2023

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Drug misuse at JCB triggers internal investigation

JCB is investigating its workforce after 22 employees were sacked for drug misuse, the Guardian has revealed.

Staff at the digger manufacturer were sent a message last week explaining that an investigation had been taking place over the last two months and had led to a “small but significant number of people leaving JCB”.

The message, seen by the Guardian and sent from the firm’s HR department was headed, ‘Drug misuse and workplace safety’.

The 22 staff had been detected for drugs or alcohol by sniffer dogs, deployed by private security at JCB’s Staffordshire HQ, which took place at on-site turnstiles, production lines and offices.

Commenting through its lawyers, Schillings, JCB said of the 22 who tested positive, traces of cannabis were found via urine testing with further tests to be carried out. It also said none of the 22 were in senior management positions.

Thorough and ongoing investigations at the company had found no evidence of drugs being taken or stored on site, Schillings also told the Guardian.

Cover image credit: Nik/Unsplash

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