Webinar: You, me, and diversity – working better together – Are you bringing out the best in your entire workforce?

Explore the power of diverse teams in today's dynamic workplace. Delve into the benefits of embracing diversity, fostering inclusive environments, and leveraging different perspectives to enhance collaboration and innovation. Read More

Livestock auctioneers fined after man, 75, killed by cow

A company has been fined after a 75-year-old man was killed by a cow that had escaped from a livestock market in Wales. Read More

SHP weekly top five

This week the articles most read have been: Seven years on from Grenfell – Has anything changed?, Man sentenced after carrying out unsafe work on his own home, Introducing the Principal Designer Building Regulations Register, Human performance actions speak louder than words and Construction company fined following death of HGV driver. Read More

Associations call for safety focus ahead of election

The Association for Project Safety (APS) and British Safety Council have called for a focus on safety priorities for next government. Read More

Man sentenced after carrying out unsafe work on his own home

A man has been given a suspended sentence after he carried out unsafe work on an extension to his own home in Manchester. Read More

Human performance actions speak louder than words

Dom Cooper looks at human performance concepts including influencing behaviour and making mistakes - is it really just human error or could it be avoided? And how should leaders respond to this? Read More

Reducing accidents through immersive training

Louis Wustemann profiles SSE's immersive training programme which has helped reduce workplace accidents and injury. Read More

How much exposure to wood dust is dangerous?

The team at Praxis42 discuss the dangers of wood dust exposure, what an employer’s legal responsibilities are, and what practical safety measures can be put in place to protect employees and organisations. Read More

A guide for the professional who wants to change cultures, shape strategies and build buy-in

Learn from the specialists who share a passion for using occupational safety and health to protect people and improve business performance. Read More

EHS Congress comes to London in December 2024

EHS Congress makes it debut in London during 3-4 Dec alongside Anticipate London. Read More

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