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December 13, 2012

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Narda Safety Test Solutions is offering a new way of installing an economically priced electromagnetic field monitoring and alarm system in the form of the Narda Broadband Radiation Meter NBM-580.

The device is said to collect measurement results from up to eight distributed measuring stations and records them continuously, triggering alarms if limit values are exceeded.

Using Nardalert S3 monitors as measuring stations is, according to the company, an economical way to monitor limit values on the likes of transmitting equipment, or in an industrial environment. Running on direct current and connected to the NBM-580 by fibre-optic cables, the monitors are said to provide continuous measurement values, meaning any limit violations can be immediately detected, reported, and recorded.

Narda Broadband Meters NBM-520 with measuring probes are also described as suitable for more precise monitoring, including recording electric and magnetic field strengths with a dynamic range of up to 60 dB.

The NBM-580 processes all the results centrally and they can be displayed on screen, via the IEEE-488 interface, or remotely accessed. Up to eight Nardalert S3 or NBM-520 (or a combination of both) can be connected to it at distances from a few tens to hundreds of meters. For more details, go to

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