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July 31, 2013

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Internal workplace monitoring – Tinytag

Tinytag carbon-dioxide data loggers are being used by a Danish environmental-monitoring company to help ensure optimum conditions and energy efficiency are maintained in workplaces and schools.

ArbejdsmiljoeCentret (works health centre) is a consultancy that evaluates factors such as indoor climate, ventilation, noise levels, and other aspects of the work environment.

Described as compact, accurate and easy to use, data loggers in the Tinytag range are said to monitor various environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and single or three-phase power usage in a wide range of premises. Recorded data is downloaded to a PC, via a USB cable, and viewed using Tinytag Explorer software.

Part of ArbejdsmiljoeCentret’s remit is to monitor CO2 levels. Analysis of data from CO2 loggers helps maintain optimum air quality, says Tinytag, mitigating the risk of associated health problems.

It explains that the amount of CO2 is a key indicator of whether the ventilation in a room is sufficient, or not. Carbon-dioxide concentration can vary from about 350ppm outside to 5000ppm in rooms with no ventilation, adds the company. 

Describing the process, Tinytag says that if concentrations are acceptable they are reported as such. However, if the measurements are on the acceptable limit, then a recommendation is made on how to improve the ventilation, or general work environment. If the results are poor, then a recommendation is given to install mechanical ventilation.

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