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With over 12 years’ experience recruiting senior Health and Safety professionals across the globe, Anna has recently partnered with Acre in support of their strategy to add value to their clients and the wider Health and Safety profession.

Focussing on the assessment and development of behavioural competencies in the profession, Anna has conducted a series of in-depth interviews with industry leaders to define the competencies critical for success and create the Acre Frameworks Competency Framework.

This framework is the foundation for a range of assessment and development offerings aimed at assisting individuals and teams to improve their performance. In addition to having extensive recruitment experience, Anna is also an accredited psychometric assessor and trained competency interviewer.

December 21, 2018

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christmas celebrations

Celebrating the success of Women in Health and Safety

On the 12th of December for the fourth year, Acre sponsored the Women in Health and Safety Christmas Party in London. 

In recent years we have explored building confidence, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone, and last year we held the first ever speed mentoring event of its kind in Health and Safety. Off the back of feedback on the events, we decided this year should be a real celebration of everything this community has achieved in the past 12 months, a real party! We wanted to celebrate your success… Each and every one of you!

So why do we need to talk about celebrating success?

In addition to non-technical assessment, Acre Frameworks currently supports the development of over 30 Health and Safety professionals through focused professional development coaching. Our team of coaches support these individuals to leverage their strengths and overcome limiting behaviours so they can be more effective and have a greater impact.

It was through training to be a coach and subsequent coaching I have received that I first learnt the importance of celebrating success, but also recognised that I didn’t do a lot of it! As someone who has worked in sales for a long time and then set up her own business, I spent years operating in a state of paranoia where I felt I had, and never will do enough. This was my drive and the thing that made me successful, but managing how this manifested was the critical part. I had no ‘balance’. On the rare occasions I reflected it was in a critical way – what went wrong, what could I have done better, etc. I was doing myself a massive disservice and actually limiting my success by not looking for the positives and understanding what led to my success. Having spent the last few months getting curious about my successes, I am learning more and feeling more driven than ever.

Why should we celebrate success?

So why am I feeling better after taking the time to celebrate success?

Celebrating success gives us energy

When you celebrate success, you release endorphins into your system. It makes you feel good and gives you energy. So, don’t just celebrate at the end of a project. Create milestones to give you these opportunities for energy boosts throughout.

Celebrating success together gives us a sense of community and empowers others

By celebrating your personal success it encourages others to celebrate their successes. It’s addictive! It also brings you closer to those around you. Very importantly, don’t just focus on your achievements inside of work, discuss those outside of work; this is about you as a whole person, not just an employee.

Celebrating success attracts more success

Success creates momentum. By talking about your success, you are likely to create more opportunities both in terms of your scope of work, but also in terms of your career. It helps build your brand around what you can offer your company as well as others around you. When you understand your strengths and what is working, you can apply those things moving forward to build momentum.

So with all this in mind, and knowing that confidence is an issue for many in this profession, especially women (we have data to back that up!), this year I asked this community to share with us their biggest successes of 2018 on film. 35 women across the globe came forward and I want to take this opportunity to thank them all. Building this video has been one of the most inspiring things I have had the privilege to do, and I am delighted to be able to share this with you all.

Women in Health & Safety – Celebrating Success 2018 from Rachel Frost on Vimeo.

This year I encourage all of you – women and men alike, professionals just starting out or those who have been working for years – to take the time to celebrate your successes. I encourage you to shout about them at work, at home, on social media, and know that you won’t just be lifting yourself up, but you might be helping someone else to think about and learn from their successes when they might not before…

Share your story with #wihscelebratingsuccess

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