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World Suicide Prevention Day 2021: Creating Hope Through Action

Friday 10 September marks World Suicide Prevention Day 2021. The international theme this year is set around ‘Creating Hope Through Action,’ with the focus being on exploring the complicated idea of ‘hope’ in suicide prevention. Read More

Managing workers overseas: A Q&A with Consultant, Mike Taylor

Our January Webinar focussed on managing workers overseas. Here, we put your unanswered questions, to panellist Mike Taylor. Read More

Employers must do more to help overseas employees in times of crisis

Companies under-prepared for political and natural disasters could affect overseas employees. Read More

Overseas travel security tool – TravelTracker 6

International SOS and Control Risks have unveiled what they are claiming is the world's most advanced online travel-security tool, helping businesses keep their employees out of danger when travelling overseas. Read More

Murdered war-zone worker honoured

A British aid worker, who was abducted and killed in Pakistan last year, has received a posthumous award named after Scottish Bard Robert Burns. Read More

UN agency to draw up plan to protect journalists

Curbing violence against journalists and addressing the impunity of crimes committed against them is to be the focus of a new UN action plan. Read More

Miscellaneous- Wise up on immunisation

Employers keen on ensuring that their employees who travel on businesshave quick and efficient access to vaccines and anti-malarialmedication may be interested in a new service from Lloydspharmacy. Read More

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