The Tim Marsh Blog

Front line safety psychology at its rawest

Tim Marsh says a high F.I. score is bad enough but a high F.U. score is even worse. Read More

Can we be too predictable?

Tim (Mystic) Marsh shares a case study addressing the 'San Andreas' fault of accident prevention mindset. Read More

A very personal case study…

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh shares a personal case study to look at reasons why someone may be distracted or not performing their best at work. Read More

Safety department or HR? What about both?

Tim Marsh on the ongoing debate around wellbeing, HR and HS. Is a coordinated and holistic approach the way forward? Read More

Psychological safety – Why doesn’t it happen naturally?

For this month's blog, Tim Marsh discusses psychological safety, feeling comfortable to raise issues and what it takes to begin to build a positive culture... Read More

Don’t just sit there… Say something…!!

In his latest blog for SHP, Tim Marsh discusses ways to communicate in the workplace over saying nothing… Read More

The Aussie ‘Fair Go’ & safety culture

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh looks at the influence of Australian culture on safety mentality... Read More

Sticking the boot in

An unsuccessful shopping trip leads Tim Marsh to thoughts of Brexit and its relation to safety culture. Read More

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