safety campaign

National campaign focuses on safety and best practice at height

PASMA Tower Week, a safety campaign that promotes safety and best practice in the mobile access tower industry, will be held nationally for the first time next week. Read More

Workers’ Memorial Day: ILO urges action on health

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is demanding an "urgent and vigorous" global campaign to tackle the rising number of work-related diseases, which claim an estimated two million lives each year. Read More

Praise for emotionally-charged safety film

Electricity supplier UK Power Networks has won two awards for a hard-hitting safety campaign video, which focuses on the human cost of a workplace incident. Read More

Two-thirds of workers drop out of NHS health campaign

An Olympics-inspired pilot aimed at encouraging NHS Wales staff to improve their health recently came to an end, with just over a third of the workers who signed up to the campaign seeing it through to the end. Read More

Hard-hitting safety campaign aimed at Northern Ireland’s farmers

A new multi-media advertising campaign designed to dramatically ramp up awareness of farm safety in Northern Ireland was launched last week. Read More

Picture competition aims to shame unsafe ladder practices

Pictures of people using ladders in ridiculous ways are being sought as part of a safety-awareness campaign. Read More

Campaign aims to combat bankers’ stress

Highlighting how work-related stress is affecting financial services and what employers can do to help are the focal points of a new campaign launched by Legal & General. Read More

Health-care staff challenged to be fitness ambassadors

NHS staff in Wales are being encouraged to improve their health and, by doing so, influence patients and the public to do the same. Read More

EU-OSHA announces first campaign partners

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has revealed the first wave of organisations it will work alongside to promote its latest Healthy Workplaces Campaign. Read More

Ministers quizzed in run-up to Workers’ Memorial Day

As part of this year's Worker's Memorial Day Read More

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