Is your organisational structure destroying your culture?

In Tribe Culture Change's latest report, they explore the relationship between organisational structure, culture, and the impact on overall business performance. Read More

Interview – Rob Strange – Mr Brightside

After 12 years leading IOSH through unprecedented growth in membership, reputation and influence Rob Strange OBE is retiring at the end of this month. Here, he tells SHP about the many highs and few lows of his time at The Grange, explains why he's not at all gloomy about the future of health and safety in the UK, and predicts who will be the next big thing in the music charts. Read More

Utilities and offshore – Power struggles

Dr Chris Ide provides an overview of the health and safety hazards that workers in the utilities and offshore sectors can face, looking at issues specific to the different types of workplaces involved, as well as the problems that are common to all of them. Read More

OSHCR – Register of interest

Two years ago this month, one of the key recommendations to come out of the Young review was implemented in the form of the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants' Register. Speaking to some of the managing bodies, as well as consultants themselves, SHP investigates how it's doing in its aim to get rid of red tape and rogue advisors. Read More

Environment – Scene to be green

The Government's current appetite for relaxing the reporting requirements for health and safety incidents doesn't appear to be matched in the environmental sphere. Martin Baxter explains the current regulatory scene on green issues, the changes in reporting on the horizon, and the opportunities opening up for both health and safety and environmental practitioners. Read More

Airborne hazardous substances – Local hero

Dr Mark Piney presents a simple four-stage process of how to specify and apply reliable and cost-effective local exhaust ventilation. Read More

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