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Travel safe. Wherever. Whenever

It is clear that more must be done to support Britain’s workforce to provide them with adequate personal protection and better peace of mind outside of work.Travelsafe answers this problem by giving people reassurance and support whenever they travel. Read More

Protecting health workers is a complex challenge, but emerging strategies show promise

We explore the complexities of protecting health workers, as research demonstrates how risk stretches beyond the workplace. Read More

90% of retail workers have been abused by customers, survey reveals

90% of retail workers - and 95% of managers - have revealed they have been abused by customers at work - being threatened, punched in the face and hit with a metal basket. Read More

Tesco staff offered bodycams after rise in violent attacks

Tesco’s Chief Executive, Ken Murphy, has announced that staff are to be offered bodycams after abuse rose by a third in the last year. Read More

Feeling the heat? – Tips on heat stress

With temperatures beginning to soar above 30 degrees this week in many parts of the UK, we revisit this article on tips for avoiding heat stress at work. Read More

Campaign launched to tackle crisis on employee safety with new pledge

Peoplesafe is working with Crimestoppers calling on UK employers to focus on employee safety, both at work and out of hours. Read More

To trust, mistrust or distrust: That is the question.

Dom Cooper speaks on trust, mistrust and distrust and what the three terms can tell us about an employee's frame of mind and in turn, an organisation's safety culture... Read More

Hybrid working – how to keep people safe wherever they are – key insights from Peoplesafe’s Expo seminar

Last week at the Safety & Health Expo, Freddie McGrath, Marketing Director at Peoplesafe delivered a captivating presentation on ensuring employee safety in today's hybrid work environment. Here, we highlight the essential takeaways from his talk. Read More

The majority of people who work in the in UK’s biggest sector fear for their safety every day, a survey has revealed

The majority of people who work in the professional services sector fear for their safety on a daily basis, a survey has revealed. Read More

How organisations can improve lone worker safety

Every day, lone workers face a myriad of different health and safety risks and hazards...SHP hears from Dakota Murphey, who takes a closer look at lone worker safety. Read More

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