chemical safety

Bhopal – were lessons learned from the world’s worst industrial disaster?

In 1984, a chemical leak at a pesticides factory in Bhopal, India, would - according to some estimates - claim over 25,000 lives. Journalist Catherine Early looks back at the world's works industrial disaster and asks if its impact has really been felt? Read More

Chemicals company fined after releasing cloud of chlorine gas into factory

A chemicals company has been fined after releasing a cloud of toxic chlorine gas that spread through its factory, yard and surrounding area resulting in staff needing hospital treatment and significant damage to the factory. Read More

EHS Congress – ‘One percent safer will be wonderful’

Blinded by a workplace accident, Ken Woodward, tells his remarkable story to the EHS Congress audience. Read More

EU amends current law to strengthen protection of workers from hazardous substances

The Council of the EU has approved the amendment of the carcinogens and mutagens directive, an EU law to protect workers from dangerous substances. Read More

UK REACH deadline to be extended

Defra says that it is committed to exploring alternative arrangements for UK REACH transitional registrations. Read More

Multiple failings at chemical manufacturing firm

A chemical manufacturing company has been fined after failing to manage the risk of exposure to chemicals harmful to health, resulting in workers being exposed to chemicals which caused long term damage to their skin. Read More

Food manufacturer fined after worker suffers chemical burns

Food manufacturing company, Princes Ltd has been fined £13,000 for safety breaches after a worker suffered chemical burns. Bradford Magistrates’ Read More

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