Spreading positive messages about health and safety, Rachel Butler

Britain’s track record health and safety should be a source of national pride. This couldn’t be more apparent than when Read More

Programme announced for IOSH 2016

The programme for IOSH 2016 conference has been announced. The theme of this year's conference is Influential leadership: delivering impact – sustaining change, and is the third conference focused on leadership. Read More

Understanding Behavioural Drivers

As described in the first article of this series (Safety Behaviour Change), the COM-B (Figure 1) posits that three things are Read More

Adapting to change

By David Towlson, RRC International I read in the newspaper this week about how all the emphasis on seating at Read More

25 years of the world wide web: how has it changed health and safety?

It's hard to remember what we did without it now, but 25 years ago, the world wide web was a proposal by Tim Berners-Lee to combine hypertext with the internet. Read More

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