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Chris has 15 years of publishing and events experience with the world’s largest exhibitions organiser including running large scale trade shows in Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the UK. As well as the Health and Safety and FM professions, he has worked across the construction, social care and medical device manufacturing industries.
January 10, 2019

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Safety & Health Expo 2019: What to look forward to

In the first of a series of blog posts Chris Edwards, Director for Safety & Health Expo, Facilities Show, Barbour EHS and SHP Online, looks ahead to Safety & Health Expo 2019, taking place from 18-20 June at the ExCel, London, and talks about some of the things visitors can look forward to.

Ruby WaxChris Edwards

Happy New Year from UBM’s OSH portfolio!

Here Christmas always marks something of a watershed for us as it’s pretty much six months from Safety & Health Expo so it all of a sudden feels very real!

Thankfully, plans have been underway since we arrived back from last year’s show so I can share some of the new things that you can expect to see. Our big push through 2019 is the ‘New Safety & Health’ campaign that we launched in 2018 exploring how the modern health and safety professional has evolved with its five pillars; Holistic, Innovative, Leadership, Disruptive and Inclusive.

SHP Online will continue to include content that showcases health and safety positively embracing each of these areas but we want to also bring this to the showfloor at the Expo.

Holistic – Workplace Wellbeing Show

We’ve launched a brand new show to sit alongside Safety & Health Expo – Workplace Wellbeing Show, which will include its own dedicated education theatre, healthy eating café and a brainstorming space as well as various suppliers and service providers.

Innovative – Keynote Theatre

What are the biggest problems you come up against time and time again in health and safety? We want to help. We’ll be surveying you and your peers to find out what your gripes are so that our panel of experts can ‘live-solve’ them at the show.

Leadership – Leadership Theatre

Ever wanted to know what business leaders beyond the world of health and safety think of the profession? Wondered what they value, and what they can’t stand? This year’s expo will be hosting speakers from outside of health and safety to tell us exactly that.

Disruptive – Safety Technology Zone

New for 2019 we’ll be demonstrating some of the ways that technology is changing health and safety – both how tech can be adopted by the profession but also where it poses new risks.

Drones, AI, VR and wearables are just some of the areas you can learn about.

Inclusive – Rising Stars

SHP and Safety & Health Expo will be expanding our/its Rising Stars programme to recognise excellence in a wider range of practitioners and we’ll be doing more to give them a platform to share their ideas with the wider profession.

See you at the show in June!


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