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May 14, 2020

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New look for SafeTSystem emergency exit device

A brand new look for snapPunch, the same ‘seriously reliable’ emergency exit device delivering highly effective exit systems for your car, coach, bus, ferry, tram, train, business, and home.

SnapXit, from SafeTSystem Holdings, is said to offer the simplicity of quick fitment off the line onto glass, making installation effortless and rapid. Its unique, clearly visible icons communicate the simple method of operation in an emergency.

Adding to efficient installation is the method for use; the simple-to-use SnapXit breaks toughened glass on impact with minimal effort. Even with multiple softer strikes, SnapXit’s tungsten carbide impact tip, one of the hardest materials found in nature, can deliver an accumulated zero-point force to the glass. Meaning a child younger than 12, the elderly, or infirm, can also break the glass in an emergency.

Unlike traditional hammer or lever-operated emergency escape systems, the SnapXit emergency exit device is permanently fixed to the toughened glass window, eliminating theft and vandalism. It is elegant, compact, and seriously reliable. SnapXit is easy to install with no need for cumbersome external mountings or elaborate instructions for installation and use.

Regular independent tests and end-to-end ISO9001:2015 quality pedigrees say that SnapXit is rapidly becoming the internationally accepted break-glass exit device of choice. At present, SnapXit is claimed to be favoured and fitted by bus manufacturers and operators in more than 17 countries, with the market expanding rapidly.

New ISO9001:2015 manufactured specialist products in the Xit range include a new HomeXit device and AngelXit and GuardXit self-rescue tools. SafeTSystem has also begun developing the new tech-savvy exterior-mounted SenseXit. This product is said to revolutionise self-rescue by, amongst other things, instantly alerting emergency services when an emergency exit device is armed or used to break the glass.

‘Invention Is Re-Invention’

SafeTSystem Holdings says it continues to develop, innovate, and produce new products for all our clients and regulators with passion, energy, and application.

“Beyond a proven public transport pedigree, SnapXit devices operate flawlessly on fire extinguisher cabinets, emergency exit doors, or windows of buildings and homes, as well as on commercial and passenger vessels.”

SnapXit’s multiple advantages address many various industry sectors worldwide as they are said to:

  • Require no skill to operate and can’t be used incorrectly;
  • Work in all situations, conditions, and environments;
  • Is easy to install without any tools in a matter of seconds;
  • Are permanently fixed to the emergency exit window;
  • Operate successfully to a minimum performance requirement;
  • Are manufactured from mostly non-corrosive, non-toxic, environmentally stable materials;
  • Can be operated successfully by children, adults and even the elderly or disabled;
  • Deliver an accumulated strike force to the same spot with every strike;
  • Are tamperproof and extremely difficult to remove after installation;
  • Cannot be used as a weapon;
  • Allow builders, manufacturers or health and safety officers to determine where the emergency exits for safe escape should be;
  • Can be fixed to the outside of a window for rescuer ingress;
  • Invite inquisitive interaction and discussion about self-rescue.

For more information on the SnapXit range of emergency exit products, please click here.

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