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April 7, 2016

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iAuditor the mobile auditing tool

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By Haydee Tandinco

With the rapid increase in the number of mobile device users across the world, mobile apps are designed to make daily activities faster and easier. From simple tasks like creating grocery lists to more complicated ones like accounting or managing safety through the use of inspection apps, developers are coming up with more mobile solutions for almost every aspect of people’s lives.

Technology has truly transformed the safety industry, with the introduction of safety mobile apps like SafetyCulture iAuditor that helps people conduct safety inspections more quickly, conveniently and efficiently. SafetyCulture iAuditor improves workplace safety by allowing users to conduct audits and safety inspections using mobile devices on the spot, removing the hassle of conducting audits using the traditional pen and paper system.

The most widely used safety app in the world, with users ranging from construction to hospitality, retail, and manufacturing, it allows workers and audit managers to conduct on-the-spot safety audits. By evaluating safety and quality, workers can identify potential hazards.

CEO of SafetyCulture, who developed the app, Luke Anear spent seven years of his career in the workers’ compensation industry. After witnessing how fatal accidents create trauma for workers all over the world, he decided to use technology to make safety management available to every worker in the world at a low cost.

“Not only does this make inspections faster to perform, the records can be backed up and emailed in seconds instead of being filed and scanned generating mountains of paper,” Luke said.

One of SafetyCulture’s customers, AECOM, uses iAuditor across their teams to not only manage safety, but to increase the quality of the working environment.

“Previously, supervisors would visit the field, check out the job site, then get stuck behind the computer at the end of the day trying to put together their audits and report them into a confusing database,” said Mike Gimpel, environmental safety and health specialist at AECOM. “We’ve provided more than 90 supervisors with the iAuditor system, which has decreased time spent at their desks while increasing the number of audits we’re able to complete.”

iAuditor provides users the power to conduct safety audits and fill out OHS checklists directly on a mobile device. Other features include:

  • checklist templates to suit your needs;
  • smart fields that will update questions within the audit as certain responses are filed;
  • quality management and safety inspections on-the-go. Manage your on-site inspections using one app on your smartphone device with more accuracy;
  • instant reports on-the-spot;
  • high-quality images to address critical areas of concern; and
  • many more.

Haydee_Tandinco (2)
Haydee Tandinco is a Safety News Writer for SafetyCulture.

SafetyCulture iAuditor is a powerful auditing app that is free to download and use on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and soon for Windows devices.

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