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November 26, 2015

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Firm sees driver behaviour improve with Masternaut Connect


Andrew Page, the automotive parts, tools and equipment distributor, claims to have cut accidents and reduced speeding by 97% after implementing a telematics system from Masternaut.

The Masternaut Connect was implemented across the firm’s 900-vehicle fleet to improve overall vehicle and driver performance, reduce CO2 emissions, improve MPG, and increase efficiency, they say. A trial period in Birmingham delivered a 47% reduction in harsh events and a 7.1% improvement in MPG, add the firm.

Since installation, Andrew Page say they have seen driver behaviour scores improve greatly across the fleet, with 98% of drivers in the green, and the remaining 2% in amber. As a result, they claim that accidents have been reduced and are continuing to fall month-on-month, improving driver safety, vastly minimising road risk and improving staff welfare. Instances of speeding across the fleet have also reduced by 97% in six months, they say.

Andrew Page explains that the system is a part of thier accident reduction programme, with data provided by Masternaut helping to address driver behaviour. According to the company, the programme identifies drivers and regions of high risk, understanding what those risks are and then educating drivers on how to eliminate risks on the road. Masternaut Connect tracks multiple driver behaviours, including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh cornering, they say, adding that the system scores drivers using a traffic light system, with those in the green rated as good drivers with few to zero instances of speeding or harsh driving events, whilst those in red have several instances of speeding or harsh driving events.

They go on to explain that Masternaut Connect also helps investigate any accidents that do happen, and can be used to look into the circumstances that may have caused the incident, such as speeding and harsh driving events.

Stuart Wiseman, Group Fleet Manager, Andrew Page said: “At Andrew Page, we take our duty of care very seriously and are committed to providing our drivers with a safe working environment. Central to this is our accident reduction programme and ongoing driver training, the data for which has been driven by Masternaut Connect.

“Since implementation we’ve seen a big reduction in accidents, which is still continuing to reduce further month-by-month. The data provided by Masternaut Connect has been a major part in the way we’ve been able to tackle driver safety, providing ongoing feedback to our drivers based on their driving behaviour. We’ve now got 98% of our drivers rated as being safe drivers and this improvement in driving style is ensuring that we’re helping our staff get home safely.”

Steve Towe, Chief Commercial Officer and UK Managing Director, Masternaut added: “Staff welfare and road safety is high on the agenda for many fleets, especially after the Department of Transport revealed a 6% rise in road casualties in 2014. Working with Andrew Page, telematics has helped to assist in the reduction of accidents across the fleet, through continuous driver behaviour improvements and coaching. Telematics is not just a track and trace tool, but provides wider benefits in safety, compliance, efficiency improvements and ensuring duty of care.”

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