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October 9, 2015

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Arco unveils thermal comfort range

Safety company Arco has launched its thermal comfort Winter Weatherwear range, Selection Tool and Expert Guide.

Arco say their comprehensive range of winter weatherwear suits all budgets, ranging from Arco Essentials to GORE-TEX® Products. In addition to their weatherwear layering system, Arco say their online Weatherwear Selection Tool has been developed to help workers select garments that will keep them warm, dry and comfortable in extreme weather conditions. They say the tool has been designed to assist customers with choosing the most appropriate layers by guiding them through the selection process and presenting them with their chosen base, mid and outer layer combinations.

According to Arco, the layering system ensures weatherwear is suitable for the cold with a breathable base layer that sits next to the skin and keeps the body warm and dry. The mid layer, known as the ‘insulating layer’ should be made from synthetic or acrylic fabric, they say, adding that this layer should be fitted to allow minimum air movement which ensures that maximum heat is retained. The outer layer is the shield against wind, rain and abrasion, such as the new TROJAN® Executive Parka Jacket which is highly insulated, waterproof and longer in length to ensure maximum coverage, says Arco.

The firm go on to explain how a selection of the weatherwear is now interactive, meaning that the garments can be linked together. This allows the wearer to apply the layering principle as they are made with linking zippers and are designed to be worn together to trap warm air. It results in a garment that can be linked together to form a thicker, warmer and more insulated waterproof or it can be separated and worn individually in changing weather.

Arco has also developed an Expert Guide to Winter Weatherwear to provide guidance on identifying and choosing the most appropriate top to toe gear, offering advice on the concept of cold stress and the possibility of cold induced illnesses and injuries if the correct clothing and protection isn’t worn.

Dalvir Sarkaria, Product and Procurement Manager for Weatherwear at Arco said: “Thermal comfort is essential to worker productivity and studies have shown that wearing multiple layers is more effective than a single thick layer. The new Weatherwear Selection Tool and Expert Guide ensure customers get the best results from their garments by providing information on up to three individual layers of protection: a base layer, mid layer and an outer layer.”

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