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January 16, 2024

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‘Understanding data differently is a game changer’: Intelex’s Scott Gaddis

Scott Gaddis at Intelex joins SHP editor Mark Glover for a special episode of the Safety Conversation that digs down into tech and asks if it really can improve your safety culture.

A recent SHP webinar in association with Intelex on empowering the workforce through mobile devices gained much engagement with our audience, and in the Q&A section of the event, garnered broad questions about the role of technology and how it really can play a role in a safety management system but also a safety culture. 
As such, we reached out to Scott Gaddis, Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health at Intelex (who presented that original webinar) to explore the topic more broadly.

We broke down challenges around culture; the influence of a safety management system and then discussed how technology including data management (and mobile devices) can feed into a framework to empower the frontline. 
It’s a fascinating insight and will give you a new perspective on the role tech can play in our sector. 

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