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November 2, 2021

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SHE Software rebrands as Evotix

Part of a mission to reduce workplace accidents in Europe and USA.

EvotixEvery year over 5,000 people are killed in workplace accidents in the US and EU – a number that’s risen in the US over the last ten years[1] – and blue-collar workers in the US are five times as likely to have accidents as their white-collar counterparts[2].

Evotix, an ESG business, formerly known as SHE Software and a specialist in environmental, health, safety and wellbeing software (EHS), has announced a mission to help organisations reduce these numbers, through its investment in new staff, software, support and training services.

The business’ proposition is focussed on giving its clients ‘the confidence to transform’. For many organisations, changing the way they handle health and safety can be daunting because they don’t want to uproot established practices even if they are based on out-of-date processes and technologies. Evotix aims to provide the in-depth expertise in the latest technologies, especially those that improve and simplify the user experience, to enable organisations to implement the changes they – and their employees – need to make EHS simpler and safer.

Matthew Elson, CEO of Evotix, explains: “People, especially those that are less advantaged, have the right to work in a safer environment.

“Too many employees suffer workplace accidents or endure workplace related physical and mental health problems, causing issues not only for those individuals but for businesses and wider society. Many of these unfortunate situations would be avoidable if health and safety were embedded in the way the organisation truly functions, supported by software featuring the latest user-friendly technologies. Engaging employees on safety issues needs to be simple, sustainable and tailored for the need of each individual organisation and that’s what Evotix has been built to offer.”

“The introduction of the Evotix name is just one step on our journey. The SHE Software name has served us well during our early years, but we wanted a name that was both memorable and reflects our vision and evolved proposition. The Evotix name is a conflation of the key qualities that make us special – evolutionary technology, innovation and experience.”

Solutions for tomorrow

Based in Chicago and London, Evotix says it focusses on promoting workplace health and safety by providing innovative and engaging technology that gets embedded in the everyday flow of activity and providing a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of health and safety management.

The solution is online and mobile-first designed to be used quickly and easily on-the-spot. With Evotix, incidents can be reported and shared within minutes, actions can be tracked to completion and underlying trends can be analysed.

Understanding documents on a mobile phone can be challenging: many organisations have a percentage of their workforce who are illiterate. Evotix employs microlearning video and quizzes in the field to engage employees in understanding risk and following defined working methods.

Every organisation is different so the software can be easily tailored and adapted as requirements evolve. Evotix is continually adding new innovation as technology evolves.

Matthew continues: “Our approach helps organisations and employees alike. For organisations, accidents and incidents are expensive, with direct costs including lost hours, damage, disruption and claims, and indirect costs including the impact on morale, reputation, stress and management distraction.

“We believe employees deserve better. The risks associated with workplace accidents fall disproportionately on the most disadvantaged in society – gig economy workers, casual labourers. An organisation that prioritises risk reduction for all its staff will perform better financially, operationally and reputationally.”

[1] Eurostat: Accidents at work; US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Fatal occupational injuries
[2] US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Fatal occupational injuries

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