August 3, 2018

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Coalition urges Government to honour Brexit health and safety pledge

It has been announced that Arco has brought together a coalition of MPs and Lords, academics and industry leaders, to call on the Government to honour its commitment that Britain will lead a ‘race to the top’ on health and safety standards after the UK has left the European Union.

Government LondonThe Evening Standard recently published a latter, which was co-ordinated by the safety company, in which twelve senior health and safety figures joined parliamentarians to warn against Brexit being seen as an opportunity to reduce workplace protections.

The letter talked referenced Secretary David Davis’ speech which talked about how Brexit would not turn the UK into ‘a Mad Max style world borrowed from dystopian fiction’.

It argued that the Government should commit to ongoing alignment with the EU to preserve the current safeguards that European legislation gives to employees.

The Government was also called upon to make continued membership of various EU bodies, including the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standards (CENLEC), and EU-OSHA, the European information agency for occupational health and safety, part of their negotiating objectives.

Signatories included Errol Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Jonathan O’Neil, Chief Executive of the Fire Protection Association, Teresa Budworth, Chief Executive, NEBOSH and Leon Livermore, Chief Executive of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Thomas Martin, Chairman of Arco, said: “The British people voted to leave the EU. They did not vote to make their workplace and lives more dangerous.

“Leaving the EU offers the opportunity to re-establish the UK as a world leader in health and safety by improving product certification and marking regimes. But this must be underpinned by a firm commitment to preserving the protections that current EU legislation gives to workers, to ensure that no one is made less safe as a result of Brexit.”

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Ian W
Ian W
5 years ago

Anyone who believes that a Tory government would uphold health and safety regulations after brexit are either deluded or plain stupid. The Tories would decimate current Health and Safety laws in order to boost their support from company bosses.