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September 7, 2015

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modern health and safety professional

The modern health and safety professional: Interactive infographic

The modern health and safety professional is able to communicate effectively to their workforce and managers, and is just as comfortable influencing directors at board level.

Key to their role is:

  • Keeping up with their continuing professional development;
  • Complying with the correct personal protective equipment, aware of the latest innovations in PPE and how to procure them;
  • Legislation is the foundation stone of the health and safety profession – it’s key for a modern health and safety professional to be on top of any legislative changes.

Click around the interactive image below to find videos, articles and resources to ensure you’re staying up to date with the latest tools.

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8 years ago

I like the infographic, but would also like to remind the digital editor that safety practioners come in both sexs (male and female). and perhaps there is some artistic bias being demonstrated.

8 years ago

Such as shame this article chose to focus on keeping up to date with PPE innovations rather than focusing on keeping up to date on collective safety control measuure innovations especially important for occupational hygiene issues