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Turning the tide on health and safety

Infrastructure company Tideway is aiming to turn the tide of health and safety by ingraining its importance in new staff from day one. Read More

Job-exhaustion gene linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s

A gene which has been linked to job-related exhaustion in shift workers also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study. Read More

Working at Height panel: Client behaviour essential area for improvement

A panel of industry experts convened at Safety & Health Expo to discuss how organisations can further prevent serious injury and deaths when working at height. Read More

Growing UK drug culture requiring rigorous workplace testing policies

Eurofins has launched a new 'holistic ' workplace drug testing service to combat the growing drug use in the UK. Read More

Top employees worry work impacts their mental health

More than a third of the UK’s top-performing employees worry about the impact work has on their mental well-being, according to a new report. Read More

Things you may have missed at Safety & Health Expo 2018

There was something for everyone at this year’s Safety & Health Expo, with a diverse programme of seminars and debates covering a host of hot health & safety topics. Read More

Pressing need for greater focus on suicide prevention in construction

More than half a million people connected with the construction industry could be dealing with a mental health issue, according to one leading sector figure. Read More

Organisations struggling with ISO 45001 communication, says BSI

Kate Field, Global Champion of Health and Safety at the BSI, has admitted challenges in communication exist around the new ISO 45001 health and safety management standard which was launched in March. Read More

Gaining a competitive advantage with a strategic approach to mental health

Companies that embrace wellbeing change programmes and recapture the energy of their workforces could capture a significant competitive advantage over competitors, says Geoff McDonald, former VP of Human Resources at Unilever. Read More

Conversation, not compliance, the key to driving H&S improvements

A collaborative approach to finding alternative ways of working brings better results and a happier workforce, says Malcolm Bryce-Stafford, EHS Manager at Gatwick Airport. Read More

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