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Alarm over 14% fall in HSE construction visits

The number of unannounced visits by HSE inspectors to construction sites has fallen by 14%. Read More

Worker was struck by scaffolding

Two companies have been fined after failure to plan or identify the risks of heavy lifting and a worker struck by scaffolding. Read More

Director offers harrowing insight into workplace death

A harrowing story of a former construction director has offered an example of the need for health and safety vigilance […] Read More

Professionals must have ‘soft’ skills set, panel claims

Ensuring candidates have ‘softer’ non-technical skills is crucial for recruiting health and safety professionals, a panel has claimed at the […] Read More

The Swiss chainsaw massacre

Rule #16 – We have to give to receive Just last Friday afternoon, sitting under a tree on the banks […] Read More

The business case for taking health and safety seriously

When we talk about health and safety at work, with particular emphasis on understanding the importance of it, conversation quickly […] Read More

Crossrail health and safety impact video: Jenny’s story

Jenny's story, as part of Crossrail's Learning Legacy, explores the importance of using respiratory protective equipment and the potential long-term damaging effects that breathing in harmful dust particles could have on her. Read More

TagEvac to offer 10% off to Safety & Health Expo visitors

Read More

Health & safety professionals have always opened the door to big, important issues

People’s well-being hasn’t always had the senior-level recognition it deserves, in fact only three decades ago, your average workplace health […] Read More

Health and safety impact videos: John’s story

John's story, as part of Crossrail's Learning Legacy, explains how easy it is to convince yourself that small breaches of health and safety rules won't lead to any illness or injury. Read More

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