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Is the Health and Safety at Work Act a problem?

Subash Ludhra, former IOSH President, looks at how people’s attitude towards health and safety has potentially impacted the Health and Safety at Work Act. Read More

My experience of workplace stress, in an organisation that didn’t see occupational stress as an issue: In conversation with Kate Field

Kate Field has never had a diagnosed mental illness or received medical treatment for her mental health. But like so many, she has certainly suffered with her mental health. Read More

Are you ready for the workplace return? Top tips on how to support your employees

"It’s important that steps are put in place to curb anxiety and support employees to feel comfortable going back to the workplace." Read More

‘The future of safety is very much behavioural safety focused’

SHP speaks to Sam Watts, PepsiCo EHS Specialist, who was named SHP’s Award for Rising Star in Manufacturing. Read More

Safety Theory: Habituation, remote misses and safety messaging

Have you ever wondered why workers seem not to learn from near misses that happen to them or colleagues? Why do employees repeatedly do things that are obviously unsafe? Read More

Male suicide in male-dominated industries

Danny Clarke, Founder of Simply-People, looks why men in male-dominated industries are at a higher risk of dying by suicide and what makes male-dominated occupations so fatal… Read More

Active travel: Getting people back to work safely

Business in the Community has issued an ‘Active Travel: Getting people back to work safely toolkit’. Read More

Trust & toxicity

In the latest part of his SHP blog series, Tim Marsh delves into the complexities of trust and toxic cultures. Read More

How do you change organisational culture?

For culture change to happen and then be sustained, you’ve got to understand the prevailing attitudes, values and beliefs in your organisation and use that knowledge to engage with and influence individuals to shift behaviour, according to Mark Ormond, Founder and Managing Director at Tribe Culture Change. Read More

Simplicity and selectivity: How L’Oréal’s recipe for health and safety excellence strengthened its COVID response

Tim Walsh looks at L’Oréal’s simplification drive, VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and the pandemic… Read More

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