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February 27, 2017

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Biggest concerns and challenges revealed at COMAH sites

The top three concerns for COMAH sites in 2017 has been published by British Engineering Services.

The engineering consultancy held a COMAH event in September 2016, where they surveyed those responsible for integrity of plant on COMAH sites.

The responsdents, mostly asset managers and engineers, were asked a series of questions to find out what their biggest concerns and challenges were in regards to COMAH, compliance and safety, as well as the main strategic focus areas for 2017.

The top concern was in selecting the correct approach to asset integrity management, whilst focus areas for 2017 included developing/improving key performance metrics and training investment.

A summary of the questions and results are below, with the full results in chart form.

What is your biggest COMAH safety and compliance concern?

By far the biggest concern for those surveyed was selecting the right approach to asset integrity management (60%), followed by the HSE’s assessment and enforcement process (25%) and managing the potential legal and business fall outs (15%).

biggest safety concern
What are the three biggest challenges in your role?

The top three challenges were as follows: resource pressures (19.7%), understanding the COMAH regulations and guidance (18%)  and having a clear overview of safety/inspection across the site (14.8%).
biggest challenges

What are your site’s top three strategic priorities for 2017?

The top three priorities were: develop/improve metrics to measure key performance (21.4%), invest in training (17.9%) and review approach to asset integrity management (14.3%).


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