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October 12, 2022

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Increase your scores and win more tenders!

Tendering is a process for contractors to place a bid for a project, appointing a contractor and agreeing on a price.

When bidding for a contract, you’ll need to submit a tender document, which helps the client to evaluate your suitability for work and will have set questions that you need to respond to. As a contractor, it’s your formal offer, or a bid, to ultimately secure a contract. As part of the process, you’ll be evaluated on both price and quality at the selection process and who is best to deliver the contract. With the process taking time and resource, it’s important to focus on the bids you genuinely want to win and deliver. With a selective approach, you can increase your win rate and spend time and money more efficiently. This guide aims to support anyone involved in tenders, who is looking to develop a greater understanding of the tendering process, and how to manage production of a bid.

We understand the lengthy process you go through when tendering for work and we have a new and improved guide to help improve your tender bid management.

Find out more from the guide which includes:

  • The tendering process
  • What’s involved in a tender
  • Ethical scoring
  • Best practice
  • Structuring answers

Download tender guide

How can SafeSupplier help?

SafeSupplier is a sustainability verification service that you can share with your clients. It’s a simple way for your business to demonstrate your standards and credentials.

Through our supply chain compliance solution, Alcumus’ clients can now gain total visibility over their supply chains, from sustainability and modern slavery factors through to GDPR and financial compliance. They can also manage, and source verified suppliers such as yourselves for total supply chain transparency.

Why choose SafeSupplier?

Society is changing and client companies are increasingly asking their suppliers to live up to certain legal, moral, and financial standards. Demonstrating to your hiring clients where you are on that journey gives them peace of mind while placing you ahead of non-compliant competitors.

The SafeSupplier questionnaire you complete is tailored to your business and along the way you will receive advice on Business and Professional Standing, Environmental Management, Quality Management, Health & Safety and Financial Management.

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