When should you review your first aid policy?

Adam Clarke, Managing Director at Praxis42 says it's best to review your first aid policy at least once a year for it to continue to be effective. Read More

Fire Risk Assessment – what does competence really mean?

SHP hears from Rob Sherman, Director of Fire Safety at Praxis42 on fire risk assessments and an analysis of what factors can determine competency when it comes to fire safety. Read More

Returning to work and reasonable adjustments – a guide for employers

Adam Clarke, Managing Director of Praxis42 discusses the points to consider when employees return to work after an extended leave. Read More

Webinar: The Protect Duty, ‘Martyn’s Law’ bill – a risk management perspective

This webinar, focusing on the impending Terrorism (Protection of Premises) draft bill (Martyn's Law), looks at what organisations need to consider to be compliant. Read More

Influencing at board level (to achieve the right culture)

SHP hears from Mike Stevens, CEO of Praxis42 on ways to confidently lead conversations at board level to drive safety culture objectives... Read More

An act with real impact: the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

SHP hears from Adam Clarke at Praxis42 who provides an overview of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and examines its impact over the years... Read More

The (slow) evolution of The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations

Adam Clarke from Praxis 42 discusses what the regs don’t tell you about first aid... Read More

Managing asbestos and its risks

SHP hears from Adam Clarke, Managing Director of Praxis42 Consulting on the different types of Asbestos and managing the safety risks that come with it. Read More

Everything you need to know about manual handling risk assessments

'Go on, put your back into it!' Not what you want to hear when it comes to manual handling. Instead, this is an area where investing time in risk assessment and task-specific training are essential when it comes to avoiding people suffering short- or long-term pain. A wide range of technology already exists to avoid or significantly reduce the impact of manual handling; spend the time to investigate what might be suitable for you. Read More

The health & safety profession, how is it changing?

We discuss the changing perception of the health & safety profession, and the opportunities for increasing collaboration across teams. Read More

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