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February 19, 2016

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Video: risk and how to assess it

In a short video from Phoenix Health and Safety, an engaging cartoon explains the definition of risk, and details how to carry out a risk assessment, including evaluating who might be harmed, the risks and controls and recording and reviewing your findings.

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Bob Wallace
Bob Wallace
4 years ago

Waste of effort as it simply regurgitates the text from HSE advice and doesn’t add any value. Also shows charts for quantitative RA, which is not a simple method and confuses the issues when trying to get employees to conduct assessments.
A flipchart and basic drawings could have a better impact or use photos within a PPt presentation (in classroom or on a tablet in the workplace) and prompt people with the basic questions of what is it (hazards), how can it cause loss (risks) and what should we do to prevent loss (controls).

Phil Wilkinson
Phil Wilkinson
4 years ago

Can we download videos from the SHP site?

Roz Sanderson
Roz Sanderson
4 years ago
Reply to  Phil Wilkinson

Hi Phil,

I’m afraid you can’t currently download videos from the SHP site, but I hope that you continue to watch them on our YouTube channel:

All the best,


Nick Dunmore
Nick Dunmore
4 years ago

Wow…. Hope they didn’t pay for that.

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