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April 11, 2023

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Now streaming: FutureTalk from FYLD

SHP hears from FYLD, an AI-powered digital platform for safety and productivity who have launched FutureTalk, a new podcast series led by FYLD’s Chief Futurist, Karl Simons.

Digital transformation has become the biggest buzzword in the utilities, infrastructure and transport sectors – and for good reason.

FYLD’s Chief Futurist, Karl Simons

Digital transformation is changing the way we work and live, and improving the safety, productivity, accessibility and sustainability of industrial operations.

As reported by McKinsey & Company, the IEA, and Bloomberg, its importance continues to be on the rise in the energy sector and is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, 95% of energy leaders believe that digital transformation must be a top priority. But despite the phrase coming to prominence in the past decade, there is still a lack of clarity about what digital transformation actually is, and how it has the potential to revolutionise essential, safety-critical sectors.

Enter ‘FutureTalk’ – a brand new series hosted by FYLD Chief Futurist Karl Simons OBE, which will discuss how leaders, managers and workers in these industries can gain an understanding of what digital transformation means for job roles.

Artificial intelligence. Machine Learning. Internet of Things. Big Data. Digitisation. The list goes on. The technologies and tools of industry 4.0 can sound overwhelming, which is why FutureTalk aims to help listeners understand the digital change sweeping their industries, enable them to stay ahead of the curve, and encourage them to embrace technological change in the day-to-day.

Every episode, Karl taps into his vast industry and UK Government network to bring expert guest insight directly to our listeners’ ears – those who have walked the walk, are well respected in their field, have experienced major technological change, and show a real passion for what they do.

As Chief Futurist at FYLD, Karl constantly has his ear to the ground across the construction, utilities, transportation and infrastructure sectors. He’s always looking ahead to uncover future field force trends to identify where FYLD can adapt to make operations easier for asset owners, managers, fieldworkers and contractors.

With the advancement in digitalisation remaining a top business priority in 2023 and beyond, there’s never been a more important time to get up to speed with key trends in your sector.

What can I listen to now?

Grab your earbuds! FYLD is bringing you two episodes as part of its channel launch.

Episode one l Next-gen: making way for a new era of UK infrastructure projects

Karl Simons welcomes the UK Government Cabinet Office and Infrastructure and Projects Director of Infrastructure, Enterprise and Growth, Jon Loveday, as our very first guest.

Jon tells us what digital infrastructure means, reflects on the historical challenges of delivering infrastructure programmes in the UK, and reveals how the UK Government is encouraging technology adoption. Jon also touches on how important technology is in achieving the UK Government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority Roadmap to 2030.

Episode two l Fit for the future: the evolving health and safety practitioner

Lawrence Waterman OBE, Former Chairman of the British Safety Council, and Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, IOSH CEO, join Karl to take a deep dive into the role of a health and safety practitioner.

Karl, Lawrence and Vanessa explore how the traditional health and safety role has evolved over the past few decades, powerful UK trends reshaping the work landscape, and how technology is currently being used by practitioners. They also provide useful tips for staying on the front foot as a health and safety practitioner in a data-led world.

Hungry for more? Don’t worry – FYLD is already planning an exciting pipeline of new episodes.

Have you got a topic you’d like Karl and his guests to explore in future? Have your say here!

While FutureTalk may just be starting out, FYLD is excited about its potential to demystify what may be the biggest gamechanger of the 21st century – digital transformation.

Come and join Karl and his guests by streaming FutureTalk now via the players above or Spotify – coming soon to Google and Apple.

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