HSE inspections target woodworking businesses to tackle occupational lung disease

From April, health and safety inspectors across Great Britain will be visiting business within woodworking industries such as sawmilling, manufacture of composite boards, and carpentry, as well as other industries where wood dust exposure can occur. Read More

Wood dust in manufacturing industries causing Occupational Lung Disease (OLD), HSE document finds

Visits are being undertaken to wood working premises to reduce the incidence of serious health effects from exposure to wood dust. Read More

Glazing firm failed to install vital machine guards

A migrant worker lost part of a finger when his hand was drawn into an unguarded woodworking machine at a factory in Aldershot. Read More

Call for action on reducing wood-dust emissions

The European social partners in the wood sector have called on the European Commission to verify whether machinery and equipment marketed in the EU has been designed and manufactured to reduce wood dust to a minimum. Read More

HSE returns to nasal-cancer issue

The HSE is to begin work this month on new research that will explore the relationship between wood dust and nasal cancer. Read More

Guidance – Wouldn’t it be good to keep dust down?

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) and the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries have joined forces to help minimise workers' exposure to wood dust. Read More

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