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Employers must offer menopausal support or face legal action, new guidance says

New guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR) on how menopausal women should be treated in the workplace, could see legal action taken against employers if they do not take appropriate steps of workplace support. Read More

Workplace menopause support could already be there, suggest GRiD

Employers probably have more menopause support than they realise, writes Katharine Moxham at GRiD. Read More

‘Focus on safety over health in risk management is failing women’

At the Safety & Health Expo in May this year, delegates heard from Alison Margary, British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) Past President on why women’s workplace health is neglected. Read More

Employers being impacted as menopause is often misdiagnosed as depression

Employers are being impacted by a common misdiagnosis of psychological menopause symptoms, experts have said. Read More

Calls are being made for targeted age-related wellbeing support for females in the workplace

Employers are being encouraged to implement age-related health and wellbeing support to ensure women are effective in the workplace. Read More

Steps made to increase awareness and support for endometriosis in the workplace

Employers are being urged to consider how they can improve their understanding and support for staff suffering with endometriosis. Read More

Government announces HRT cost cut for menopause support

The Department of Health and Social Care announced today that 'around 400,000' women in England will have access to cheaper Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for menopause support. Read More

No menopause leave is a missed opportunity – ministers have said

The failure to allow women menopause leave and make menopause a protected characteristic is a missed opportunity, according to those calling for change. Read More

Innovation and creativity: Tiffany Argent speaks to SHP

SafetyCulture’s Tiffany Argent talks to SHP editor, Mark Glover, about women's health, technology as an enabler, and how a tough time during Covid would shape her approach to wellbeing. Read More

Nearly a third of employers have no plans to offer fertility support, report finds

Thirty-one percent of employers have no plans to offer fertility support, according to new research undertaken during September 2022 by digital health app Peppy. Read More

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