SGSA stresses the importance of event safety management

SGSA has stressed that, for all individuals involved in the management, organisation or hosting of an event, whatever their role, the safety of all people present must take precedence over every other concern. Read More

England rugby legend Matt Dawson praises university’s mental health and wellbeing work

Former England rugby international and A Question of Sport captain, Matt Dawson, has praised the University of Greenwich for its work on student health and wellbeing. Read More

Child drowned in inadequately supervised pool

An Essex leisure centre has been ordered to pay more than £190,000 in fines and costs after a child drowned in a swimming pool. Read More

Court queries role of health and safety law in risky sports

The Appeal Court has found in favour of a jockey who was badly injured in a fall at Cheltenham racecourse seven years ago, but said the applicability of health and safety law in the case meant it was not an "easy" decision. Read More

Disabled child nearly drowned in school swimming pool

A local authority has been fined £20,000 after a child with severe learning and physical difficulties almost drowned in his school's swimming pool. Read More

Director ran over technician at Silverstone racetrack

A technician for a historic racing car team has suffered serious leg injuries after he was run over by a vehicle driven by a company director. Read More

Joining forces – New partnership targets better safety for sports industry

A new partnership between RoSPA and the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) aims to improve safety in the sport and physical activity industry. Read More

Deuce! Tennis chief returns HSE’s backhand

A senior figure in the Wimbledon championships has hit back at the HSE boss for suggesting that safety is being used as a scapegoat for stopping people enjoying the tournament. Read More

Firm guilty over fatal motorsport crash

A champion sports competitor from the Netherlands died in a high-speed crash at a tractor-pulling event in Lancashire, a court has heard. Read More

Disabled footie photographer ordered offside by club officials

A football club used "recently tightened health and safety laws" as an excuse to ban a disabled sports photographer from doing his job at the side of the pitch during a League One match recently. Read More

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