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Report on voluntary H&S regulation scheme highlights serious problems

A health and safety self-regulation model widely used in the United States, and which, some argue, is slowly being adopted in the UK, has been heavily criticised by a leading American news organisation. Read More

BP accepts $50.6m fine for ‘falling short’ on Texas City agreement

BP Products North America Inc. (BP) has consented to pay a penalty of $50.6m (£32.5m) over safety issues stemming from the 2005 Texas City oil refinery explosion. Read More

Worker safety plays second fiddle to environmental threat

A US federation of health and safety committees has voiced its concern that the loss of 11 lives following the BP Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion in April has been forgotten amid the subsequent environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Read More

BP fined record 87m USD for safety violations

Oil giant BP must pay more than $87m (£53m) for failing to correct potential hazards to workers at its Texas City refinery in the US. Read More

US moves to beef up health and safety fines and enforcement

Killing or injuring an employee in the United States incurs far less punishment than failing to protect an animal, and is on a par with trespass, vandalism and petty theft in terms of the penalties meted out to perpetrators. Read More

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