‘It can be quite empowering because once you know what’s going on, it makes sense’ – Mike Cowan-Jones on neurodiversity

Ahead of an SHP webinar on neurodiversity in the workplace, SHP’s Rhianna Sexton, spoke to Mike Cowan-Jones, Occupational Therapist on misconceptions of the condition, and provides advice on ways organisations can be mindful of neurodiverse employees. Read More

‘I definitely see myself staying in health and safety’: In conversation with apprentice Alyssa Williams and mentor Paul Gaynon

In the second of a two-part article, SHP speaks to apprentice Alyssa and mentor Paul who focus on skills you can learn within health and safety, but also exposure to wider fields. Read More

2024 and beyond: SHP’s Editorial Board reflect and predict

As 2023 comes to a close, we caught up with members of our Editorial Board for their thoughts on the year so far and what's to come for 2024. Read More

A quiet style of leadership – Being an introvert in HS

SHP speaks to Karen Hewitt, Founder of Leaderlike, about her career, being an introvert, and qualities introverted leaders can bring to health and safety. Read More

“At Arsenal F.C. my role is dynamic and diverse…why not do something that makes a difference?”

In this article SHP's Rhianna Sexton speaks to Jas Sekhon, Health and Safety Manager at Arsenal Football Club, about encouraging others into health and safety. Read More

“Career opportunities, progression, development, challenge – it’s all there in health and safety and I wish I’d joined the industry sooner.”

In this article, Assistant Editor, Rhianna Sexton speaks to Eddie McGrath, HSE Director at Jacobs, about his career, and encouraging young people into the profession via apprenticeships. Read More

“Don’t let anybody knock you down, don’t let anything set you back”

SHP speaks to Carolyn Smith, Director of Health and Safety at VPS, about gender diversity in health and safety. Read More

Latest trends in workplace wellbeing – In conversation with campaigner Rob Stephenson

Ahead of EHS Congress, taking place in Berlin in May, SHP catches up with one of the event’s speakers, Rob Stephenson, who is CEO and Founder of FormScore. Read More

‘Organisations rarely evaluate the impact of psychological health interventions’: HSE’s Phoebe Smith on risk assessments for work-related stress

Human Factors Technical Team Lead previews her upcoming Safety & Health Expo presentation to SHP. Read More

SHP Awards Interview with Matt Hall: A Trailblazer in Health and Safety

Matt Hall speaks to SHP about his role in driving fit testing and PPE provision at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic... Read More

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