Health and safety considerations for neurodivergent employees

In the second of two articles, Robert Manson highlights areas where a 'blanket approach' does not work for neurodivergent employees who can, as a result, be treated unfairly in the workplace. Read More

How to create more neuroinclusive workplaces – a health and safety perspective

Robert Manson MSc NEBOSH (Dip), Neurodiversity Occupational Consultant from Creased Puddle, provides guidance and tips of the ways health and safety can be more inclusive. Read More

‘Add health as the lens to your business performance’ – British Safety Council Conference 2023

The 13th British Safety Council conference this month had a theme of organisational resilience, covering topics including wellbeing, AI, sustainability, ageism and diversity in the workforce. Read More

Report highlights gender disparity in safety sector

Study of 200 health and safety professionals reports issues around senior-level progress and bias. Read More

“Don’t let anybody knock you down, don’t let anything set you back”

SHP speaks to Carolyn Smith, Director of Health and Safety at VPS, about gender diversity in health and safety. Read More

Pride Month: Five ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace

As Pride festivities are underway for 2023, Health@Work highlights the ways in which a workplace can build an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity, cultivates equality, and allows employees to work at their best... Read More

‘Psychological safety, diversity and inclusion goes together’ – SHP speaks to Heather Beach

Ahead of EHS Congress in May, SHP catches up with a key influencer in the health and safety sector - Heather Beach on training organisations to have a thriving work culture. Read More

International Women’s Day: #EmbraceEquity

In her second blog for SHP, Louise Hosking discusses leadership at the top and approaches to gender equity for International Women's Day... Read More

‘Embrace Equity Through a Diverse and Inclusive Leadership’ webinar hosted by OneWISH

OneWISH are hosting an online event focused on the topics of diversity and inclusivity in leadership, hear more about the event details here... Read More

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