fire risk

Lithium-ion battery fire risks – What you need to know (part one)

In the first of a three-part mini series, Firechief Global's Matt Humby talks about the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries. Read More

New cladding fire risk identified and could be “tip of iceberg”

A London Council has warned that low-rise timber-frame homes retrofitted with a fire-spreading plastic cladding could be mirrored across the country. Read More

Fire risk education key goal of lithium-ion battery podcast

Upcoming IFSEC Insider Podcast mini-series on lithium-ion batteries will aim to raise awareness of their fire risk. Read More

Mitigating the risk of Lithium-ion batteries: Eight-step action plan

Speaking at FIREX last year, Matt Humby, Senior Technical Sales Consultant at Firechief Global, outlined where the batteries are being used and how to mitigate the fire risk. Read More

Hot spots: fire hazards multiply to threaten construction sites

While UK construction output witnessed a decline in the year of and following the Covid pandemic, construction fires in the Read More

Government releases guide on the application process for the Building Safety Fund

The government has released a short guide on the Building Safety Fund which provides funding to address life safety fire risks in England. Read More

Which non-residential properties are most at risk of fire?

New research has revealed the industry buildings that have the highest amount of fire service attendance in the UK. Read More

Managing fire risk during cladding and insulation removal and replacement on high-rise buildings – guidance for inspectors

HSE guidance outlines the key fire risks to be managed by duty holders during the removal and replacement of cladding on high-rise buildings. Read More

LFB warns home workers of increased fire risk related to use of portable heaters

As people continue to work from home, the LFB urges individuals to be aware of the increased fire risk related to the use of portable heaters. Read More

Protecting the most vulnerable from fire risk

Nick Rutter, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at FireAngel takes a look at how connected technology can help improve fire safety for disabled people. Read More

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