employee wellbeing

Investment needed to prevent future “economically inactive” workers, IOSH warns

The Government has been urged to oversee greater investment in occupational health to “prevent the workers of today becoming the economically inactive of tomorrow”. Read More

A guide for managers: Supporting employee wellbeing

A go-to resource to help managers support employee wellbeing, including signs of ill-health, duty of care and top tips. Read More

Skanska UK partners with Maximus to improve mental health support for employees

Construction firm, Skanska, has partnered with Maximus to provide mental health support for their UK employees and help improve wellbeing in the wider construction sector. Read More

‘Psychological safety, diversity and inclusion goes together’ – SHP speaks to Heather Beach

Ahead of EHS Congress in May, SHP catches up with a key influencer in the health and safety sector - Heather Beach on training organisations to have a thriving work culture. Read More

‘Get workers back in the office’ – Employers call to end hybrid working

Over half of employers are encouraging workers to stop hybrid working and get back in the office, a survey has revealed. Read More

The majority of people who work in the in UK’s biggest sector fear for their safety every day, a survey has revealed

The majority of people who work in the professional services sector fear for their safety on a daily basis, a survey has revealed. Read More

How organisations can improve lone worker safety

Every day, lone workers face a myriad of different health and safety risks and hazards...SHP hears from Dakota Murphey, who takes a closer look at lone worker safety. Read More

Calls are being made for targeted age-related wellbeing support for females in the workplace

Employers are being encouraged to implement age-related health and wellbeing support to ensure women are effective in the workplace. Read More

42% of companies plan to increase headcount, research shows

Findings from research into the recruitment plans of over 500 companies from across the UK reveal employer plans to increase headcount over the next 12 months. Read More

Government announces HRT cost cut for menopause support

The Department of Health and Social Care announced today that 'around 400,000' women in England will have access to cheaper Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for menopause support. Read More

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