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Personal liability: navigating the tight rope

I equate insurance to a safety net. While the fall might still cause trauma and physical injury, and we still Read More

Construction firm and director fined for work-at-height failings

A Lancashire housebuilder and the firm's director have been fined following two incidents at a new-build development in South Wales. Read More

SHE 2013: Why a bad experience is best catalyst for changing directors’ minds on H&S

When it comes to getting directors and senior managers to take health and safety seriously, an actual incident is often the best argument. Read More

NZ mining disaster: Sweeping away of old laws left industry “in limbo”

New laws to improve worker participation in health and safety matters and toughen up directors' duties should be given early attention, according to an official report into the Pike River mining tragedy in New Zealand two years ago. Read More

Directors’ duties – Follow the leader

Enforcement data suggest that, perhaps due to a combination of legislative and policy factors, those at the top of organisations are now coming under increased scrutiny for health and safety failures. In light of this evidence, Lee Hughes considers whether the time is right for positive directors' duties to be introduced. Read More

More senior managers prosecuted for health and safety failings

The number of directors and senior managers prosecuted under section 37 of the HSWA 1974 has rocketed by more than 400 per cent in the last five years, according to unofficial figures released by the HSE in response to a freedom of information (FoI) request. Read More

Disqualify directors who ignore well-being, say Lib Dems

Company directors should be disqualified for serious cases of failing to protect their employees' well-being, according to a new policy paper from the Liberal Democrats. Read More

SHE11 – No ‘get out of jail free’ cards for individuals under H&S law

Prosecutions of individuals under sections 7, 36 and 37 of the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act are going up Read More

IOSH 11 – Keeping score

Steve Pointer emphasises the importance of gaining the board's commitment to health and safety and suggests practical methods practitioners can use to increase the common ground between them and their organisations' senior management. Read More

Research – How is CHaSPI performing?

The best health and safety index in the world, or something that should be left to wither on the vine? Respondents to a recent review on CHaSPI were certainly polarised in their views on the performance index for large companies launched by the HSE in 2004. Read More

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