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Government “sees sense” on health and safety myth-making

An epidemic of excuses wrongly citing health and safety is needlessly curtailing people's personal freedoms, Employment minister Chris Grayling announced today (24 August). Read More

IOSH survey reveals public has lost its ‘risk-savviness’

The general public lacks risk awareness and intelligence and has become disconnected from dealing with everyday risk. Read More

BBC joins the debate on ‘bonkers’ health and safety

It seems the media has not yet tired of taking pot-shots at health andsafety, with another half-hour of prime-time television devoted toemphasising the absurdity of the sector with only scant mention of itsimportance.<br><br> Read More

Tis the season to be silly

The national media has been awash lately with stories of health and safety "cancelling Christmas", prompting IOSH to hit out at Yuletide killjoys and "tinsel tyrants". Read More

Cutting Edge documentary- friend or foe

The Channel 4 documentary on health and safety shown on 4 December was, as expected, hardly a balanced, sympathetic portrayal of a much maligned subject but, despite the programme-makers' best efforts, it may have done the profession a favour. Read More

Health and safety is not disproportionate, says research

It's not health and safety managers that are banning things left, right and centre, it's just a perception Read More

IOSH hits out at the ‘elf n safety’ excuse

IOSH president Ray Hurst has hit out at the continuing use of health and safety as an 'easy excuse'. Ray said that media reports had alleged a flood of bans, ranging from dustbin men lifting bins, to bunting and monkey puzzle trees. The latest example was East Midlands Trains blaming health and safety reasons for refusing to let a disabled passenger with his mobility scooter onto a train. Read More

Countering negativity in health and safety

When the national media carry negative reports about health and safety, or the general public sound off about it, we can put it down to ignorance of the subject on their part. But when that negativity is coming from those actually responsible for health and safety, it's far more of a concern, as Gary Fallaize found out when his company surveyed duty-holders. Read More

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