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December 24, 2019

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RWS supports organisation to implement health & safety programme

Waste management company Pennon and RWS Language Solutions, a translation company, have collaborated to introduce HomeSafe, a health and safety training programme, into its workforce.

Pennon introduced the new programme across its 320+ sites in the UK. RWS supported the company’s requirements of ensuring that key messages were clearly delivered to its multilingual workforce.

RWS used a variety of different methods to translate key information of HomeSafe into Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian Polish and Romanian.

HomeSafe incorporates several levels of safety thinking in the workplace though the use of posters, written material, video scripts, training and e-learning, which RWS provided on-site interpreters for.

The RWS interpreters and HomeSafe training team worked closely together to guarantee key learnings were understood and translated correctly, to allow all course participants take an active part in discussions.

Interpreters were available throughout day and night shifts to suit Pennon’s shift patterns, production targets and demands. Between June and November 2018, RWS provided 31 interpreters for 193 appointments for Pennon.

As well as interpreters, RWS translated more than 115,000 words into the five languages and produced the localised training videos, through a translation software, which ensured consistency of terminology across all contents.

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