How digital transformation can help you survive and thrive

A guide on the role of digital transformation in managing health and safety, risk and other business critical processes.

“One of the most significant outcomes of COVID-19 is the rapid adoption of digital technology and connectivity to enable remote working. For example, though it’s been available for decades, how many of us are only now just turning to video meetings?

“And so it is for ‘digital’ in all aspects of our business operations. For those of us whose organisations have already undergone digitisation, we’ve been able to put up the ‘business as usual’ signs and keep the show on the road. We don’t need to go to the office to access our files or liaise with colleagues. We can get real insight into what’s happening in every team, at every site, in real time, on our mobiles and we’ve been able to manage the risks our businesses face.

“The other major development from the pandemic is the importance of data. For the headline-hungry media, numbers are constantly scrutinised. Everything from the number of cases recorded and reported on a daily basis to the tracking of quantities and whereabouts of PPE through the supply chain goes under the magnifying glass. The need for dependable information that’s readily available, comprehensive and accurate has never been more important.

“And again, so it is with your business. You need live, comprehensive, accurate data at your fingertips so that decisions can be made from an informed position. If you’re a business leader, you need to have confidence in the numbers.

“If and when all this is over, not only will there be lessons to be learned for the way nations respond to such large scale challenges, organisations will also need to reassess whether they could have done things better, too. As businesses of all sizes are being run from kitchen tables, many leaders have been left struggling to scrape together the vital information they need to assert control.

“Leaders will reassess their systems and preparedness, not just to enable them to navigate through future crises, but to deal with the day-to-day challenges that arise in more normal operating circumstances.

“As businesses start to return back to work those with a digital plan will recover more quickly and begin to thrive. Now is the time to do the right thing and transform the way you record, manage and analyse business critical processes so you have one true view of your organisation.”

By Helen Jones, Managing Director Certification and Software Division Alcumus.

This whitepaper, from Alcumus Info Exchange, includes:

  • What is Digital Transformation?;
  • The Challenges;
  • The Solution Digital Transformation in Practice;
  • Case studies:
    • Environment, Health, Safety and Quality;
    • Risk Management;
    • Property and Asset Management;
    • Supply Chain Management;
    • Corporate Social Responsibilty.
  • Transforming Your Organisation;
  • Features to look for when buying a system.

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