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July 13, 2011

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Insurance – DSE Insurance

Insurance broker, The Alan Stevenson Partnership, has reacted to the Government’s cuts in Access to Work funding by introducing DSE Insurance.

Funding for Access to Work – which, for many years, has provided essential product solutions, such as high-grade ergonomic seating, for employees suffering with an injury, or disability – was dramatically cut late last year, a decision that resulted in widespread complaints. 

Developed as a direct response to the decision, DSE Insurance is a new product that The Alan Stevenson Partnership believes fills the gap created by the reduction in funding. It suggests that the insurance could become a standard and essential business insurance product, which could help raise workplace standards.

Annual premiums start from as little as £20 per employee for £1300 of cover per claim, and will cover the cost of any equipment that will improve the comfort of normal DSE duties.

The Alan Stevenson Partnership states that it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

For more information about the insurance, visit or contact the company on 0845 973 0584.

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