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July 21, 2011

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Gas-flow meter – Portable Calibration Unit (PCU)

Said to provide an efficient and affordable secondary calibration standard, the Portable Calibration Unit (PCU) from Alicat Scientific integrates three Alicat laminar mass-flow meters into a portable industrial briefcase. The PCU is described as being suitable for use in laboratories, industrial plants and process facilities to verify proper operation of flow meters and controllers from any manufacturer.

Alicat Scientific says the PCU is fully self-contained and doesn’t require any additional support equipment, or line power. It also has on-board digital output to send flow data to a laptop, or other computer system via multi-drop RS-232 communications for simultaneous data acquisition.

Each integrated meter on the PCU displays mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature with high-accuracy calibration, says the company, which adds that 20 pre-set gas calibrations and 10 pre-set gas-mix calibrations are available to select.

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