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August 27, 2009

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Gas detection

Crowcon says its new IREX infrared (IR) pellistor-replacement flammable gas detector has been proven suitable for offshore use after being put through its paces by Aberdeen-based testing authority, Micropack Engineering Ltd.

IREX is designed to replace pellistor (catalytic bead)-type flammable gas detectors, resulting in reported faster response times and reduced zero drift. Capable of detecting methane, butane, propane and many other hydrocarbons, IREX is specifically designed for applications such as offshore platforms, refineries, gas storage and distribution networks, sewage treatment plants, and certain manufacturing processes, such as aerosol production.

Because IREX operates from the same control systems as pellistorbased detectors, it allows existing pellistor-based systems to be easily upgraded without any of the costs associated with installing a new control system. According to Crowcon, the detector is designed to provide more than 10 years of reliable operation, and as there are no sensors that need replacing, and because routine testing requirements are minimised, operating costs during its entire lifetime are minimal, adds the company.

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