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April 10, 2019

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From sticky plasters to life saving AEDs

Aero Healthcare is a global supplier of first aid and wound care products, from the Stryker public access defibrillator range to the ‘world stickiest plaster’, working with distributors and end users across public, private and emergency sectors.

The company assists its customers with through sales support, training and helping to raise awareness of the wider issues associated with sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) and preventing injuries in the workplace.

It’s range of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) includes the PAD 500P, which utilises patented CPR feedback technology. Complementing that is the PAD 360P, a fully automated defibrillator designed to automatically analyse and deliver defibrillation, and the PAD 350P, which has all the features of the PAD 500P except for the CPR.

How to save a life defibrillator guideMark Gilmore, Managing Director for Aero Healthcare, said: “Each year, more than seven million people die from an SCA, and it can happen to anyone, any age, and at any time. However, chances of survival increase by 74% if a defibrillator is used but this diminishes by seven to 10% for every minute that passes until medical assistance arrives.

“AEDs can be used by anyone, meaning that a few simple steps can be the difference between life, and death. This has led us to campaigning for greater awareness, and our guide on how to save a life is a good place to start.”

Also high on the agenda for Aero is first aid. The company advises and supply’s the most appropriate first aid products and consumables to help businesses in an emergency or, in fact, to help prevent injuries occurring in the first place.

“The first aid box is a requisite for all businesses, but the guidance around their contents can be misleading and they include items which are either no longer a requirement, or perhaps not even a necessity for all workplaces,” Mr Gilmore added.

“We can provide direction through our distributor network that not only helps buyers keep their environments safer but also aids navigation through the procurement process and thus save time, money and resource. Equally, we help distributors ratify their catalogue range and reduce the number of SKU’s required.”

Aero’s guide to defibrillators, ‘How you can save a life‘, can be found here.

Luton Airport trains virtually every member of staff on how to use defibrillators.

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