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January 9, 2014

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Electrical Equipment – EA Technology


EA Technology has unveiled the CableData Collector™, a new piece of equipment which is said to detect Partial Discharge (PD) in live electrical cables before their fail.

The company says that the CableData Collector ™ will enable electrical engineers to identify PD in cables that are online, thereby avoiding potential disruption.

According to EA Technology the new equipment can identify potential issues in most types of insulated cables up to several miles by detecting high frequency pulses generated by PD events within the cable.

Described as portable, robust and lightweight, the CableData Collector™detects and records PD activity. Through CableData Analysis Studio™ software – sold separately — a report can be produced to assess the condition of cables and the likelihood of failure and outages in power lines.

The software is said to produce reports showing the severity of PD activity and supplies information on the condition of assets on which to base failure risk assessment and decisions on remedial action or replacement.

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