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December 13, 2016

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On demand: Podcast – battle of the ideas, approaches to leading health and safety

battle-of-the-ideas-nAt the end of November, five stalwarts of safety came together to discuss some key ideas and opinions around health and safety culture.

Ruth Gallagher, John Green, Steve Hails, Clive Johnson and Tim Marsh took to SHP’s airwaves to discuss key ideas around health and safety culture, including:

  • Is safety really broken?
  • What’s the point in zero harm?
  • Is the absence of accidents a positive thing?
  • Is ‘Safety Differently’ a revolution or an evolution?
  • What is the biggest threat to safety?

Follow this link to download the biggest health and safety podcast of the year and find out what these five leaders in health and safety had to say.

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Paul Vermiglio
Exceptional group of professionals. Every day on the job I hear the same things from the work force ‘ well, they never listen, do nothing, so we give up asking in the end and informing them about the things we would like doing to make us safer’. Over the years I have observed a lot of ‘they say what they mean and the don’t mean what they say’ attitude, and sadly to say this has comes from senior to very senior management. What are they thinking? Focus and drive at the top I haven’t seen much in my short profession… Read more »
chris hamlyn


Your link does not work

Lauren Applebey

Hello Chris,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the link. I have tried both of the links in this article and they seem to be working. Would you like to give it another go and if you are still having problems, we can see what more can be done.

Many thanks,

Lauren Applebey